Warwickshire company launches ‘Social Careline’

Careline Group's Managing Director, Abby Symons

A South Warwickshire company launched a new telephone and communication service designed to help busy relatives stay in contact with their loved ones throughout the working day and beyond.

Managing Director, Abby Symons joins  Radio Horton’s Maureen Paterson on Live at Three to tell us more.

The Careline Group is a Stratford-upon-Avon business whose roots lie in the elder care and corporate benefit sectors. Having recognised the common ground between these two areas, Careline Group set about developing a reassurance and reminder messaging service. It is very much designed to sit alongside other home care solutions.

“When you consider that over a third of UK organisations report carer responsibilities among the top causes of short-term absence, you can see that there is a real link and a real challenge here,” commented Careline’s Managing Director, Abby Symons.

“This is very much about an extra layer of support to enable greater peace of mind for the carer, and it’s also about their ability to continue to work. With one in every five UK employees having to give up work due to caring responsibilities, Social Careline can provide businesses with the tools to support their employees and their families to continue to work and, at the same time, not have the worry. We can all agree making employee well-being a focus is a win for all concerned”.

Social Careline is configured and controlled by the Subscriber and the Social Careline range of services are delivered entirely over the telephone (analog or digital). Subscribers manage their account from any computer, using a simple interface to record and schedule calls that are delivered to the Care Receiver as required. Should a Care Receiver fail to answer, or indicate they are in need of help, the system will then contact a Responder from a pre-defined list of up to 5 trusted people who are ready, prepared and able to check on the Care Receiver.

During a series of pre-launch trials and through careful market analysis, the Careline team have had extremely positive feedback from large organisations – particularly those with multiple office locations and staff located overseas. “More and more companies are recognising the importance of providing an open and trusting working environment for their staff, not least because this can improve focus and productivity and can minimize undisclosed absence” says Abby. “If businesses can improve their employees’ wellbeing by providing an automated contact and reminder system such as Social Careline, the knock-on effect for those businesses will be the retention of key talent that might otherwise be lost”.

Companies utilising Social Careline may choose to make the service available to their staff as a multi-generational, subsidised benefit. Individuals can also subscribe to Social Careline directly.

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