Supermarket donates Easter Eggs to Children’s Ward

Emma Boisselle from Morrisons Banbury donates Easter Eggs to the Horton General Hospital Children's Ward

The Community Fundraising team from Morrison’s supermarket in Banbury has made a donation of Easter Eggs to the Children’s Ward at the Horton General Hospital. The eggs were purchased and donated by customers of the supermarket on Swan Close Road.

Emma Boisselle from Morrison’s Banbury told Radio Horton’s Dan Maharry more: “Since the beginning of March, we’ve had an egg donation station in our store to ask customers to donate easter eggs to the Children’s ward here at the Horton General Hospital and Banbury Young Homeless Project. We’ve got six cardboard boxes full, with about 50 eggs, maybe.”

The supermarket also held Easter fundraising activities over the public holiday weekend in aid of their chosen Charity of the Year, Sue Ryder Care. Emma continued: “When I go back to work, I’m holding an Easter fundraiser today and tomorrow and we’ve got Guess the Bunny’s name, find the golden egg, and various easter themed games to raise money for Sue Ryder Care, our charity of the year.”

Radio Horton will be holding a collection at the store on Friday 15th April.

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