We are staffed entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers who donate their time to assist in a number of roles from presenting, to visiting you, the patients on the wards and in our local care homes, and hosting outside events.

Radio Horton is managed by a committee of trustees who oversee the coordination of the charity’s business and affairs. Members are elected for trustee positions at the Radio Horton Annual General Meeting.

Sue Baker

Anthony Brown

Darren Cain

Jon Cox

Sharon Derbe

Margaret Godel

Jane Holland

James Hulbert

George Johnson

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Ray Kent

Chris Kirkpatrick

Mel Kirkpatrick

Elizabeth MacLeod

John Mayo

Maria Mayo

Abbie Morgan

Ronan McLean

George O'Connor

Mick Pearson

Tom Rayner

Sam Smette

Verity Smette

Jeanette Warren

Bill Warren

Tom Wilson

Olga Wilson

Our Ambassadors

Radio Horton is represented by a President and a Vice President whom are usually public figures, nominated by the trustees to promote, support and champion the charitable aims and objectives of Radio Horton. Our current postholders were appointed in 2015.

John Craven (OBE)