Radio Horton bridges the gap

Radio Horton launches Care Home radio service

Simon & Garfunkel are perhaps best known for coining the phrase “bridge over troubled water”, but Banbury’s hospital, health and wellbeing radio is continuing to build bridges between care home residents and their families, keeping them entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. In April, Radio Horton were approached by local theatre production group, Voices Across Time who delivered a Community Outreach…

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Sing Day on June 16th gives young and old a chance to try singing together

A Sing Day on June 16th is bringing together a rare combination of Oxfordshire’s musical talents for a day of singing and performance, which all members of the public with an interest in singing are invited to join. Peter Hunt, one of Oxfordshire’s most popular choral conductors, and editor of the ‘Voiceworks’, a handbook of music created especially for choirs,…

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