Check In & Chat with an NHS Volunteer Responder

NHS Volunteer Care Responders - Check In & Chat programme

Check In and Chat is a free service connecting individuals with compassionate and friendly volunteers for encouraging and supportive phone calls. Returning home after a hospital stay can be a relief, but for those without a support system, it can be overwhelming. That’s why NHS and Care Volunteer Responders is encouraging patients discharged from hospital to request Check In and…

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Foster Care in Oxfordshire

Leigh and Marie from the Oxfordshire Foster Care Association, speaking to Sam about foster caring in Oxfordshire.

Leigh and Marie came into Radio Horton to chat to Sam about foster care and the valuable work that the Oxfordshire Foster Care Association is doing to raise awareness. Foster care is when a child can no longer live with their birth family, and is placed into the care of foster carers. Leigh and Marie explained the benefits of foster…

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