Opportunities to Support Radio Horton

Become a Sponsor

Radio Horton is totally self-funded. Whilst we are extremely grateful that the Horton General Hospital has always been kind to us by giving us a home and electricity, there are costs associated with running a radio studio, such as equipment maintenance and replacement, broadcasting licenses and liability insurance.

This is where your organisation or company can help us. If you would like to donate as an individual, you are now able to do so, please refer to our Fundraising & Donations page for more details.

Details of current organisations who support us can be found throughout our website.

The cost of being a station supporter is £25.00 per month and for this you will:

  • be name-checked in a jingle that will be played at the start of the programme
    for example: “Request Time is brought to you in association with Your Company Name”.
  • receive a supporter certificate
  • feature on our supporters notice boards within the hospital
  • have links on the Radio Horton website and social media
  • be invited to certain station events and to take part in on-air interviews

As we are a small charitable organisation with limited resources, whilst we are grateful for organisations who wish to pledge more than the above value(s), we are unable to offer any additional/custom benefits or exclusivity. Some organisations provide vouchers for Radio Horton to donate to patients, instead of a nominal monthly fee.

For further details on our supporters packages or if you are interested in supporting Radio Horton, please contact us.