Care Home Service

In addition to our work in the Horton General Hospital, Radio Horton has also been keen to establish relationships with local care homes, hospices and independent living complexes in and around Banbury to deliver a bespoke series of programming specifically for residents receiving care in our community.

Radio Horton launches Care Home radio service

In 2019, Radio Horton began looking to expand its reach for the first time beyond the Horton General Hospital. Radio Horton acknowledges the changes in the NHS to promote providing care in external environments, thereby reducing the need for patients to stay in hospital for lengthy periods of time. The radio station responded to this move by moving towards broadcasting in external institutions including care homes, health centres and waiting areas.

Following inspiration from Life Care Radio in Devon, which broadcasts to care homes in the Torbay region, Radio Horton followed suit and launched its first service to Glebefields Care Home in Drayton near Banbury and is soon to be heard within a local pharmacy waiting area.

According to research undertaken by national charity, Age UK, music can be extremely beneficial for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia by connecting and stimulating memories from somebody’s life which can often result in a personal response. Playing music from a significant period or event in a person’s life such as a song from their wedding, birthday or anniversary can help recall special memories and emotions.

In 2020, Radio Horton teamed up with local immersive theatre group, Voices Across Time who developed a tailored programme, Bring Me Sunshine featuring exercises for body and voice, improving social aspects and mental wellbeing through reducing social isolation and loneliness by enabling friends and family members to leave voice messages for their loved ones; engaging with listeners through thought-provoking content, generating conversation between care home residents, along with songs to sing along to.

Care Home Requests
The station broadcasts a weekly care home/residents request programme during a Thursday afternoon to coincide with activity sessions in the homes we work with. Residents can request songs each week and homes will be featured on a rotational basis, although all participating care homes can join in. To request a song for a friend or relative in a local care home, call 01295 404104 to leave a voicemail or email [email protected].

Radio Horton will supply care homes, health centres and wellbeing organisations with an internet radio at no cost and will broadcast a weekly service for residents. Any local care homes wishing to adopt the service are invited to register an expression of interest with Radio Horton by contacting us.

Care Home Partners

The map below details the care homes with whom are participating in the programmes and services provided by Radio Horton. This map will be updated as we continue to expand to more care homes.