Volunteer Spotlight: Georgie Sullivan

We Take 5 with former volunteer, Georgie Sullivan to find out what life was like at Radio Horton during her tenure, and what she’s been up to since.

So, how old were you when you began volunteering at Radio Horton and what first inspired you to get involved?

Georgie SullivanI was 14 when I first started volunteering with Radio Horton. I have always LOVED radio after being obsessed with Chris Moyles when he presented the Radio 1 breakfast show. I decided that was the job for me and pestered all the local stations to let me in!

What did your volunteering role entail?

I began reading the quiz for Ted Hanson on one of his programmes. I was too young to go on my own so my dad used to have to sit outside the studio and read his book! Thank you Dad! I did a few weekend events too and even got pied at the local cinema! I then took a few years break before coming back to co-present a breakfast show a few days a week before college.

The best thing about being part of the Radio Horton team was…

Getting the opportunity to play radio, come up with entertaining features and gain my confidence at being on air.

Where are you now, and were you able to utilise any of the skills gained from your voluntary experience?

I have been a radio producer at the BBC for the last eight years. Volunteering at Radio Horton solidified my love of radio and allowed me to gain some experience and confidence with presenting and producing a programme. 

I really appreciated there being a hospital radio station in my local town otherwise I wouldn’t have had these opportunities. I think being involved in volunteer radio so early impressed future employers and showed my passion. 

I am moving roles soon to help with marketing and communications for a food waste and poverty charity so the passion for charity had stayed with me!

Georgie SullivanWhat advice would you give to young people looking towards a career in the media, or to anybody looking to get involved in hospital, health and wellbeing broadcasting?

I would say go for it! The team at Radio Horton were so welcoming to a young teenager who was interested in radio and there are so many different ways to get involved. 

If you don’t want to present, then maybe you could just ‘do the quiz’ like I did! Have a listen to the station you want to work at but also other radio and audio. The audio industry is a small world so listen widely! Also, keep a record of everything you’re proud of!